Eagle/ Trident has spent nearly thirty years developing customized security plans that are cost-effective crime deterrents. We know that our record exhibits a great deal of success with, and allegiance to our properties. We concern ourselves with the total needs of our clients, and recognize that ultimately, our job is to ensure safety, security, and peace-of-mind, so flexibility is key. Our well-selected staff, and vast draw from and relationship with area law enforcement agencies gives Eagle/ Trident the ability to provide nearly any type of security or protective service on an emergency, short- or long-term basis.

Eagle/ Trident has, since its inception, operated its own twenty-four-hour central-Indiana based Communications Center. Communications Center personnel handle over 200,000 phone calls annually. In addition to portable radios, many of our officers are assigned cellular phones. We use no outside answering services, therefore, no delays.

Eagle/ Trident provides security to hundreds of private residences (not including multi-tenant) and to over 100 commercial establishments including: class-A office buildings, international corporate headquarters, medical office buildings, hospitals, banks, strip malls, maximum security facilities, manufacturing facilities, automobile retailers, condo communities and churches. We pride ourselves in the fact that we provide security for businesses that compete with each other, and our customers know that we would never violate our integrity by sharing their trade secrets.

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