Eagle/ Trident is very proud of its personnel. Comprised of multiple internal divisions including on-site officers, patrol (road) officers, communications officers, etc., Eagle/ Trident spends a great deal of time and money on training. Our Human Resources department receives applications on nearly a daily basis. Only a few of those applicants pass the original screening and are called back for interviews and background investigations. After that comes  basic training and firearms training with a certified instructor. 

Officers are trained and assessed by skilled supervisors prior to any permanent placement. Eagle/ Trident adheres to strict disciplinary policies. Officers who don't make the grade are removed from the team.

Our hiring process is often slow, but that's intentional. People who work for Eagle/ Trident want to work for Eagle/ Trident. The beauty of a drawn-out hiring process is a lower turnover rate and a cadre of capable and proud employees.

If you would like to send your resume, you must do so electronically. If your application is approved for additional review, we will contact you with further instructions. Don't forget to bring your driver's license. If possible/ applicable, also bring your training records, DD-214, firearms permit, and copies of criminal background checks from your county and state of residence.

Senior Management Staff:

K. Stoddard, On-site Services Manager
M. Conley, CHSS, Healthcare Facilities Security Manager
B. Brubaker, Admin. Services & Senior Project Manager
G. Van Scyoc, Fleet & Facilities Manager
S. Ditsworth, Communications Manager
B. Hiday, Compliance Officer
N. Rosenow, Road Commander
Our Team
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Eagle/ Trident is an equal opportunity employer.